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Your Passion Your Wealth!!!


My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo Says "Wealth Comes In Many Forms..."

You learn something every day, good or bad

Intellectual: Relating to the Ability to Think and Understand Information & Ideas at a High Level

Your Intellectual Property Is Your:

  • Alliances
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Ideas
  • Knowledge
  • Methods
  • Networks
  • Passions
  • Reputation
  • Skills
  • Systems
  • Talents
  • Techniques
  • Traditions
  • Wisdom

Your Intellectual Property: The Brand Called You!!!

Intellectual Life Values Planning Wednesday

  • What are your Big Ideas?
  • Will they Change the World?
  • What Problem does it Solve?
  • How does it work?
  • What's the Value Proposition you're offering?
  • What are the Upside Economics?
  • What are the Key Assumptions?
  • Who will be on your Team?

What's the next step?

For a more Balanced & Meaningful Life address one Key Area of Life each day of the week such as:

  • Familial Life Values Planning Monday
  • Financial Life Values Planning Tuesday
  • Intellectual Life Values Planning Wednesday
  • Physical Life Values Planning Thursday
  • Professional Life Values Planning Friday
  • Social Life Values Planning Saturday
  • Spiritual Life Values Planning Sunday

Seven Simple Steps Goal Achievement Sequence for Seven Key Areas of Life:

  • Account For Where You Have Been
  • Account For Where You Are
  • Account For Where You Want To Be
  • Devise A Plan
  • Implement The Plan
  • Monitor The Results
  • Adjust As Necessary

  What's the Bigger Picture?

My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo Says "Wealth Comes In Many Forms..."

  • Business & Professional Planning Ignites the Wealth...
  • Personal Financial Planning Manages the Wealth...
  • Life Values Planning Enjoys the Wealth...
  • In It's Many Forms!!!

Wally Saucedo is the Trusted Professional who Enables People and Organizations to Shape the Future, Combining Insight with Integrity, Wally delivers Value by:

  • Communicating the Total Picture with Clarity and Objectivity...
  • Translating Complex Information into Critical Knowledge...
  • Anticipating and Creating Opportunities...
  • Designing Pathways that Transform Vision into Reality...

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