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Wally Saucedo CPA

Hi, I'm Wally



After a career of working in Public Accounting and top companies in various financial services industries including Insurance, Investments, Mortgage & Real Estate, I decided it was time to document the systems I've seen make such a tremendous impact on the lives of others.

Now I use my skills to stack these systems and enable People and Organizations to Shape the Future!!!

We are Spiritually grounded Socially conscious Professionals prioritizing Physical, Intellectual, Financial and Family health!!!

My Wealth Guru 's Abundant Life Strategies?

 I want to share the freedom and fulfillment of doing what you want when you want by sharing your expertise with your community and the world.

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"The Big Problem!"


Your Business or Profession is as simple as Promoting a Product (Like Yourself) to the People at a Price for a Profit


Then you pull the profits out of your Business or Profession and drop them into your household
and it's like another business with Insurance, Retirement, Investments, Taxes, Estate Planning,
College Planning, Mortgage Planning, Asset Protection Strategies, etc. etc. etc.


Then after putting in all those hours at the office and "hopefully" taking care of all your
Personal Financial Obligations, you get to go out and enjoy a Happy, Fulfilling and Balanced Life. 


You get to "Live Life to the Fullest" in Seven Key Areas of Life including

Family, Financial, Intellectual Pursuits, Physical Health,
Profession, Social Causes & Spiritual Development


Well that's not really how it's happening for you is it?




We've "Flipped the Script" using three main strategies:

1. Life Values Planning determines not only what you want to do in life but what you "REALLY" want to do in Seven Key Areas of Life.


2. Personal Financial Planning assigns a dollar value to your Personal Financial Obligations as well as your Dreams, Goals, Wants, Needs & Desires


3. Business & Professional Planning is used to fund it all.  We determine "The Brand Called You", what are you an expert at/in.  We package up that Expertise, present it to the Public and offer it for sale in your Life Style Friendly Business, on Your time & Your terms!!!


We get you from where you are to where you want to be!!!

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