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Physical Life Values Planning Thursday


My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo Says "Wealth Comes In Many Forms..."

Life's Ultimate Goal is a Healthy Wealthy Wise Body Mind Soul Spirit


We all have Interests in many Areas of Life but tend to be Unbalanced

For a Balanced Life FOCUS on one Key Area of Life each day of the week such as:

  • Familial Life Values Planning Monday
  • Financial Life Values Planning Tuesday
  • Intellectual Life Values Planning Wednesday
  • Physical Life Values Planning Thursday
  • Professional Life Values Planning Friday
  • Social Life Values Planning Saturday
  • Spiritual Life Values Planning Sunday


For each of the Seven Key Areas of Life Use the Goal Achievement Sequence Seven Simple Steps Formula to Reflect upon what's the next level for you in that Area of Life:

  • Account For Where You Have Been
  • Account For Where You Are At
  • Account For Where You Want To Be
  • Devise A Plan
  • Implement The Plan
  • Monitor The Results
  • Adjust As Necessary


For every change or revision to your Life's goals you must assign a dollar and time commitment

We then take those goals and work them into your budget and calendar

My Expertise is Enabling YOU to Achieve Life Values Goals through Integrated Planning;

  • Business & Professional Planning Ignites the Wealth...
  • Personal Financial Planning Manages the Wealth...
  • Life Values Planning Enjoys the Wealth...


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