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Intellectual Life Values Planning Wednesday


Wealth comes in many forms; such as Your 

  • Alliances
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Ideas
  • Knowledge
  • Methods
  • Networks
  • Reputation
  • Skills
  • Systems
  • Talents
  • Traditions
  • Wisdom 

We Enable You To 

  • Create
  • Acquire
  • Enhance
  • Manage
  • Multiply
  • Preserve
  • Transfer

 Your Wisdom and Knowledge with:

My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo's

Abundant Life Strategies

for a

Healthy Wealthy Wise Body Mind Soul Spirit

A "True Wealth" Optimization System of Systems

For Leading A More Balanced and Meaningful Life Through Integrated:

Life Values Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Business & Professional Planning


 My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo CPA Says:

  • Wealth comes in many forms...
  • Business & Professional Planning Ignites the Wealth...
  • Personal Financial Planning Manages the Wealth...
  • Life Values Planning Enjoys the Wealth...
  • In It's Many Forms...


I Challenge You to Challenge Me to live up to my Profession's Vision Statement:

CPA's are the Trusted Professionals who Enable People and Organizations to Shape the Future, 

Combining Insight with Integrity, CPA's delivers Value by:

  • Communicating the Total Picture with Clarity and Objectivity...
  • Translating Complex Information into Critical Knowledge...
  • Anticipating and Creating Opportunities...
  • Designing Pathways that Transform Vision into Reality...


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