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"Wealth Comes In Many Forms..."

Monday Is Family Life Values Day...

My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo Says "Wealth Comes In Many Forms..."

  • Wealth comes in the form of Family and Friends
  • Expanding your consciousness beyond yourself
  • Love and Compassion for ALL living things
  • Recognizing that Everything is One Thing

I love the Holidays because the Peace and Joy that I feel all year round seems to hit a fever pitch with much of the world.

I come rolling out of Summer where I've been surfing until past 8:30pm some days, then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Springtime, and Summer again.  I get to spend special time with parents, siblings, children, grand children, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  

The one thing I would like to see different is the Black Friday mentality.  Life is about more than accumulating plastic things.  It's about finding Joy within rather than without.  This holiday season I have logged more hours than ever before going within, expanding my consciousness through Kriya Yoga.  In one week I will be 60 years of age.  My life could come to an abrupt end at any moment; as we are all one breath away from death.  Don't arrive at your last day on earth saying: "I wish i had told my family and friends that...".

Life's Ultimate Goal is a Healthy Wealthy Wise Body Mind Soul...

We ALL have Interests in many Areas of Life but tend to be Unbalanced

For a Balanced Life address one Key Area of Life each day of the week such as:

  • Familial Life Values Monday
  • Financial Life Values Tuesday
  • Intellectual Life Values Wednesday
  • Physical Life Values Thursday
  • Professional Life Values Friday
  • Social Life Values Saturday
  • Spiritual Life Values Sunday

Seven Simple Steps Goal Achievement Sequence in Seven Key Areas of Life:

  • Account For Where You Have Been
  • Account For Where You Are
  • Account For Where You Want To Be
  • Devise A Plan
  • Implement The Plan
  • Monitor The Results
  • Adjust As Necessary

 My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo CPA says:

  • Business & Professional Planning Creats the Wealth...
  • Personal Financial Planning Manages the Wealth...
  • Life Values Planning Enjoys the Wealth...

The Trusted Professional who Enables People and Organizations to Shape the Future, Combining Insight with Integrity, I deliver Value by:

  • Communicating the Total Picture with Clarity and Objectivity...
  • Translating Complex Information into Critial Knowledge...
  • Anticipating and Creating Opportunities...
  • Designing Pathways that Transform Vision into Reality...

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